With Plug&Score YOU GET
  • An extremely easy-to-use scoring system
  • A tool created by scoring experts for small and medium size credit organizations
  • Exactly what you need for accurate real-time scoring (and only for scoring) without obsolete hard-to-learn features
  • The best cost to value ratio on the market
  • Up and running within a few days

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Benefits for your business:
  • More customers
  • Fast and accurate credit decisions
  • Efficient customer management
  • Efficient debt collection actions
  • All your customers are precisely rated
  • Quick ROI

A turn-key loan application processing solution, optimized for small and mid-sized organizations.

Scorecard Development Software

Get the most efficient scorecards within the shortest timeframe.

Microfinance credit scoring software

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MFI scoring solution is designed with microfinance institutions located in rural areas with limited Internet access in mind.

Credit Scoring System

Real-time credit scoring. Create scorecards and deploy them with a single click.