In addition to scorecard development services Plug&Score experts can efficiently assist you in the following areas:

bul_1  Data cleaning, transformation and preparation for scorecard development

bul_2  Basel II models development (PD, LGD, EAD)

bul_3  Credit risk strategies design and improvement

bul_4  Scorecard monitoring for

  • application
  • behavioral
  • collection scoring systems

bul_5  Independent validation and quality assurance of existed scorecards

bul_6  Independent validation of scoring approaches and credit risk strategies for

  • loan origination
  • customer management
  • debt collection

We do not claim we do everything possible in modeling and data mining, from sales forecasting to weather prediction, but we know every detail in credit scoring and will offer you exactly what you need in your particular case.

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  Credit Risk Modeling. Reject Inference Methods.