Scorecard Development Software

Simple solution for building
most efficient scorecards.

Easy to use due to its wizard-based scorecard modeling interface
Monitor and validate scorecards using a set of pre-defined reports
Reject Inference with automated and manual inference methods
Automated binning based on chi-square and manual binning based on WOE
Best price guarantee

Analyze Portfolio

  • Automatic and manual sampling
  • Graphical statistics
  • Portfolio data filtering, sorting and re-assignment to “Good” and “Bad”
  • Transformation of numeric variables into categorical ones – New!

Select Variables

  • Bad Rate and WOE for each category
  • Automatic and manual binning
  • Visual Binning and Good/Bad distribution
  • Exclusion of variables on the Variables Screen – New!
  • Correlation coefficients (correlation coefficient is provided for each pair of variables for the dataset before and after the binning procedure) – New!

Create Scorecard

  • Visual cut-off point and score bands definition
  • Adjustment for previous probabilities
  • Forming a training dataset of a predefined scope with a specified “Bad” rate – New!
  • Gini, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, ROC, Strategy curve and more…
  • Working with several validation datasets – New!

Validate and maintain performance of the scoring model using a wide range of tools:

  • ROC curve
  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov curve
  • Strategy curve
  • Marginal event vs Score
  • Probability Distribution
  • Score Points Distribution
  • Risk Segments
  • Approval vs Bad Rate
  • Chi-squared Scorecard Stability Test
  • Providing values of Gini, Kolmogorov-Smirnov in a table view for all datasets – New!
  • Providing tables of error matrices for all datasets – New!
  • Reviewing the results of the model’s performance using all available datasets – New!
  • Working with Date/Time columns (Scorecard development software automatically recognizes Date/Time in the column. It can be used to sort the data into chronological order. Then training dataset may use earlier records and a validation dataset the most recent ones.) – New!

Developed scorecards can be deployed with one click to the real-time loan application processing Loan Origination Software, or to the Credit Scoring System Plug&Score for automated processing of real-time scoring requests.

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  5 Hidden Mistakes in Scorecard Development and How to Avoid Them.

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