How to control credit risks?

How can I consistently grow my portfolio in a fiercely competitive market,
and still control credit risks?

To solve this problem, Plug&Score provides fast, easy and affordable solution for all possible headaches:

Your possible headaches Our solution Business Benefits
Inaccurate loan decisions Automated statistically based credit risk scoring system; easy-to-learn and fast-to-integrate. Fewer bad debts and higher approval rates.
Long decision time for new applications (express-loans) Full automation of your application processing. Loan-approval time is shortened to just seconds. Significant savings in labor costs.
Delinquency rates are too high Special edition of Plug&Score for debt collection management based on collection scoring. Delinquency rates reduced by as much as 15 percent or more.
Growing uncertainty with credit risks Plug&Score provides workplaces with embedded credit risk management functionality. Full control over the credit risk scoring process.
Need to improve the way you interact with customers behind on their payments Plug&Score allows you to treat customers in a more delicate and personalized manner based on behavioral scoring. Customer retention and satisfaction. Attraction of new clients. Increased profits.
Need to find out if the scorecard is still trustworthy Plug&Score saves all data generated by the scoring system in a format that is perfectly suited for analysis and reporting. Increased ability in scorecard monitoring. Enhanced reporting.
Manual access to external data sources prone to human errors and excessive time commitments Plug&Score can be configured to automatically access any data warehouse you require. Comprehensive approach. Improved decision accuracy.
Long time-to-market for a new scorecard or a new credit product Plug&Score enables you to update your scorecard with a couple of clicks without programming and human mistakes. Agility. Fast adjustments to new market conditions. Flexibility in deploying your scorecards.

With Plug&Score, you will manage credit risk and keep your credit decisions under total control. You will save your time and get more customers as well as maximize your risk-adjusted rate of return and get decreased losses from write offs and bad debts.

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