If You Use Another Tool

Credit scoring tool for credit score calculation

Some tools on the market are very good in data transformations or in programming of customized modeling techniques. Some of them are very popular due to long brand history.

But if your main goal is to develop scorecards
based on a market-proven approach

Only Plug&Score can boost your work efficiency significantly over whatever tools you’ve used before.
Only Plug&Score gives you embedded best-practice methodology, so you can develop scorecards promptly, conveniently and without headaches*

*Show us a tool which does scorecard development more efficiently, faster or easier than Plug&Score and we will provide you Plug&Score free of charge with any additional custom feature according to your request.

Unlike some vendors, we do not bamboozle you with marketing tricks, pompous events, long training classes and outdated references from the previous century!

We simply give you the opportunity to try it and pay for it only after you see you can improve:


your efficiency!
your customers satisfaction!
your results!

Try it, it’s cost-effective and extremely convenient to use.

Try it and make your work much easier and more fruitful!