Improving your Scorecards with Advanced Scoring Techniques



This three-day course is intended to equip participants with the skills they need to evaluate the quality of in-house and third-party statistical scorecards and find ways to improve them. The course contains descriptions of the major bugs and bottlenecks in the scorecard development process; the course also gives participants insights into the reject inference approach and the methods used for scorecard development with scarce data.

Duration24 hours

Who should attend?

Risk managers, Risk analyst, Predictive analysts from financial, insurance, retail or telecom organizations.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the difference between in-house and third-party statistical scorecards

  • Generate and analyze scorecard performance graphs and reports
  • Monitor (credit scoring) scorecard performance using front-end and back-end reports, PSI and The Chi-Square approach

  • Develop representative data samples
  • Work with small data samples
  • Work with low-characteristics portfolios

  • Choose optimal scorecard development techniques
  • Improve scorecard quality with binning (classing) techniques
  • Improve scorecard quality with reject inference techniques
  • Choose optimal approaches for data anomaly transformation

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