About Us

Plug&Score is a business division of Scorto Corporation, a globally recognized provider of decision management and risk mitigation solutions and services. Scorto has served lending and credit based organizations since 2005 by providing the most precise and sensible tools and platforms which have allowed its clients to make accurate and timely decisions, quantify credit risk, increase the profitability of credit portfolios, and improve operational efficiency.

Scorto is focused on the development of credit scoring and decision management solutions, tailored to any organization or environment, along with analytical services such as scoring model development, validation and maintenance.

Our products and services include:

  • Decision management solutions
    Our solutions cover the full loan lifecycle – loan origination, fraud detection and prevention, customer management and debt collection.
  • Credit risk management solutions
    We have software tools for portfolio analysis, internal ratings and scorecards development, and portfolio stress testing
  • Scoring solutions
    Our suite covers all types of scoring: application, behavioral, collection and fraud
  • Credit scoring and decision analytics related services
    We can provide scorecard development, validation and monitoring, Basel II model development (PD, EAD, LGD), credit strategies design and improvement and many other critical functions.

Today, Scorto is at the forefront of the credit scoring industry. We are admired by leading lending institutions worldwide for the most sensible, tailored and vigorous products, services and support in the world.