Scoring and Scorecards – Major Principles and Guidelines



This is a two-hour introduction, which covers the basics of credit scoring, along with scorecard development and deployment from a practical point of view.

Duration2 hours

Who should attend?

Any specialist from a financial, insurance, retail or telecom organization who needs to obtain a basic knowledge of scorecards and credit scoring from a business standpoint.

Learn how to:

  • Correctly apply the principles and terminology of credit scoring
  • Use credit scoring for customer acquisition decisions (e.g. loan origination)
  • Choose between generic, judgmental and statistical scorecards
  • Manage scorecard development process, including historical data preparation, customer characteristics selection, logistic regression usage, etc
  • Perform scorecard quality assessment with Gini, ROC, K-S, strategy curve, and other methods
  • Deploy and integrate scorecards with credit policy rules and/or business process

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