Loan Application Software

Web-based loan application processing solution, optimized for small
and mid-sized organizations.

Plug&Score Loan Origination is the out-of-the box solution that includes real-time Credit Scoring System and web-based workplaces for credit officers and supervisors. Best price guarantee!

Ideal decision automation platform for:

  • Microfinance
  • Consumer credit
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgages
  • SMEs
  • Credit cards
  • Pay-day loans

Main features:

  • Extremely easy, clear and intuitive user interface
  • Application forms designed specifically for your credit products
  • Ability to define and manage decision rules
  • Precise management reports on efficiency, performance and scorecard accuracy
  • Easy scorecard management
  • Ability to fully automate loan origination process
  • Visualization of scoring reports
  • Unlimited number of users

Credit officer workplace

  • Enter new applications
  • Store and review active applications
  • Process applications through decisioning system
  • Receive detailed scoring reports with system’s recommendation
  • Approve/Reject applications
  • Send to management for review

Head of Department workplace

  • Review all active and processed applications
  • Review scoring reports for all applicants
  • Approve/reject applications
  • Send applications back to credit officer for reprocessing
  • Efficiency reports
  • Application processing time reports
  • Scorecard accuracy reports
  • Scorecard management: activate/deactivate, modify scorecards, add new
  • Define and modify decision rules

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  Automated Loan Application Processing for Microfinance Organizations.

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