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For the past few years there have been on-going discussions on how microfinance lenders can use credit scoring to cut the losses from defaults and the expenses of loan evaluations. Although most experts agree that introducing credit scoring will greatly improve efficiency and thus the outreach and profitability of microfinance institutions, there are virtually no specialized microfinance credit scoring solutions available on the market.

Through many years of experience working with small lenders around the globe, we, at Plug-n-Score gained a deep understanding of the problems that MFIs in emerging economies face these days (like limited Internet access).

As a result, Plug&Score is happy to introduce a new desktop version of our innovative scoring solution, which has been adapted specifically for microfinance institutions in emerging markets:

MFI Credit Scoring Software

Business benefits for your microfinance institution:

  • More customers and decreased bad debt losses
  • Fast and accurate credit decisions
  • Efficient customer management
  • Efficient debt collection actions
  • All your customers are precisely rated (It’s better to count than to guess!)
  • Best value on the market (quickest ROI!)

Functionality highlights:

  • Downloadable, easy to install and use.
  • 2 End User Working Places(Each workplace is implemented as a standalone software application):
    • Credit officer in aBranch
    • Supervisor in a Head office
  • 4 preset application forms for the following credit products:
    • Commerce– a type of individual loan application;
    • Services– a type of individual loan application;
    • Manufactures – a type of individual loan application;
    • Group loan– includes several applicants for one loan.
  • Integrated Scorecards (developed by our Experts specifically for MFIs) and a Scoring Engine
  • Data consolidation in the Head Office from the Branches
  • Instant processing of loan applications
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Basic customization is included in the license fee
  • Additional customization is available upon request

Credit officer workplace overview:

One branch office can have several Credit Officer Workplaces.
The Credit Officer can perform the following tasks

  • Create new loan applications or edit existing ones;
  • Perform application scoring, view scoring results and system recommendations regarding the loan application;
  • Export application details and scoring results to a printable form or send it to the printer directly;
  • Approve or reject applications;
  • Send applications for approval to the Head Office;
  • Enter payment delinquency information for granted loans;
  • Export new and updated applications to a single file that can be then merged to the central application database in the Head Office.

Head Office Workplace overview:

The Head Office Supervisor can perform the following tasks:

  • Manage users – add branches, officers, grant access;
  • Gather and maintain centralized loan application database by merging applications from all branch offices;
  • View details on all applications;
  • View scoring results and system recommendations regarding the loan application;
  • Process applications that require a decision at the head office level (approve loans, reject loans or send the application back to the Credit Officer for reprocessing);
  • Print application forms and scoring results;
  • View scoring reports for the entire portfolio or for specific groups (e.g. display report only for selected branches, selected time range or credit product).
  • View Scorecard performance reports
  • Create and manage internal blacklists

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
scr1_loan_origination_big  scr2_loan_origination_big

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