Plug&Score Launches a Free Learning Portal with Data Modeling and Scorecard Development Resources

A wide range of tutorials, how-to’s and guidelines enable informed decisionining in loan origination, debt collection and fraud detection processes.

Cupertino, California, December 12, 2012. – Plug&Score, a business division of Scorto Corporation, is announcing the launch of the new learning portal at Scoring Tutorials. This micro site supplies businesses with techniques on scorecard development, validation, maintenance and monitoring. By applying these techniques, companies can introduce scoring models into their loan origination, debt collection, fraud detection processes and thus increase their operational efficiency, provide faster service and adequately gauge their risks. All the resources are provided free of charge.

“We are glad that our experience and research allows us to offer such an extensive set of resources on data modeling, – says Joseph Newmills, Lead Business Analyst at Plug&Score – Theoretical knowledge and practical advice available through our learning micro site empowers data scientists, underwriters, risk managers and executives to design, develop and maintain robust analytical models for their business. We have divided our learning portal into five sections in response to frequent questions & challenges from Plug&Score users: Acquaintance with Scoring, Scorecard Development, Scorecard Validation, Scorecard Implementation & Deployment and Advanced How-to. The content will be updated on a regular basis according to our latest research as well as feedback from Plug&Score users.”

Plug&Score Online Learning Portal: Scoring Tutorials.

About Plug&Score

Plug&Score is a business division of Scorto Corporation. Plug&Score solutions provide simple, effective and transparent way to integrate scoring models into decisioning & risk management processes. Scorecard development software Plug&Score Modeler, credit scoring system Plug&Score and loan origination system Plug&Score Loan Origination allow users to make informed credit decisions and optimize their risk exposure.

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