Scorecard Development Services

bul_1  For us your trust is more important than the price you pay

Initial data investigation is free of charge. If your historical data is not good enough and cannot be improved by statistical methods, we will simply give you advice on how to improve data gathering and what to do next. Free of charge. If your data is acceptable, we will give you a fixed price after initial data investigation. For easy cases the price is very affordable. For cases where there is a large amount of data to be improved, we will inform you about the pros and cons in advance.

bul_2  We are eager to transfer knowledge to you.

Originated from a research company, our division is passionate about transferring knowledge and expertise to our customers. As professionals, we are not interested in hiding or over-complicating basic scoring principles in an attempt to confuse the issues, or increase our revenues. As professionals, we are eager to solve really tough and uncommon problems for you; problems that really require innovation, combining of methods, and data analysis breakthroughs. That is why:

  • We do not hide best practices
  • We do not over-complicate anything
  • We visualize every piece of knowledge to make it easier to understand and remember

bul_3  We guarantee an individual approach based on your business goals.

From start to completion you will feel as if you are the only one customer we have. According to our experience, every project has something new and unusual to create, and something special to offer to our Customer. And we will never simply crunch numbers like pure statisticians, we keep in mind why this scorecard is so important for our customers business. Only this goal drives and outlines all our efforts.

You need to develop a new scorecard for a new business or customer type.

  • If you have no historical data at all, we offer a special approach to initial expert scorecard creation
  • If you have a small amount of data, we offer methods to deal with this limitation
  • If you have a special non-standard case, we are well equipped to build scorecard with maximum effect on your business
You need to improve your current scorecard.

  • If you get no improvement, we will return your money. No results for your business, no reason to pay us
  • To prove that you now have a better scorecard we have easy visual methods every manager can understand within 1 minute, so your business units will be sure they have a better stuff now, without even necessity to know how Gini is calculated

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