Scorecard Integration Services

Once you have your credit scorecard ready, you need to use it properly and with maximum efficiency.

This means:

bul_1  you need to run it automatically

bul_2  you need to embed it in your business workflow

bul_3  you need to gather correct statistics to monitor your scorecard with correct reports

The best way to do it depends on your business processes, your IT infrastructure and your flexibility requirements.

Depending on your existing in-house software, the scorecard can be used as:

  • Plug&Score Modeler
  • formula, entered in your CRM, BPMS, BRMS, Front-office or other software
  • PMML model or an XML file
  • C++, C#, Java, etc. source code, embedded in your front-office or middle-ware

The Plug&Score approach guarantees seamless and customized integration, so you will get exactly the credit scoring solution that suits your needs best and it will be fully transparent with your current or desired business flow.

In the end, you just PLUG in the integrated scorecard and SCORE all your customers automatically with the correct statistics gathered for future scorecard monitoring.

And anytime you need our expertise and experience to back-up your operations, our consulting services are immediately available for you.