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Plug&Score Expert Validator – free software to analyze your scorecard.
Plug&Score Expert Validator provides you with an opportunity to understand to what extent your scorecard meets your business requirements. Just upload your statistics and your scorecard in Expert Validator, and it will clearly show you all the performance indicators!

Now you can easily:

Test scorecards developed by your experts or purchased from third-party suppliers.
Monitor the effectiveness of your current scorecard.


  • Import scorecard from MS Excel file
  • Import data from MS Excel or CSV file
  • Setting up of cut-off point
  • The Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Gini coefficient curves
  • Visual reports on classification
  • “Good”/”Bad” distribution graphs
  • Risk segments graph
  • Score distribution graph
  • Graph of the amount of loans granted depending on the share of “Bad”
  • Ability to choose the cut-off point on any graph
  • Ability to zoom in/out and scroll graphs
  • Scoring record with a score and appropriate classification tags for all borrowers

Creating a report with one click:

  • Preview
  • Printing
  • Export to PDF, RTF, XLS and image files


If you find out that your scorecard needs correction, you can use our scorecard development software Plug&Score Modeler for developing, monitoring and adjusting of scorecards.