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In my opinion, it is the best turnkey scoring package I have yet seen or heard of. It is easy to use and generates most data required to support model development. In my experience, the greatest advantage of the software is the ability to generate multiple iterations of scorecards to identify the ideal scoring attributes in very little time. This software has reduced my scorecard development time by at least 50% and I am very pleased with the results.
Peter Lee, Credit Scoring Analyst, Canada

The software is convenient and easy to use, and it took me only 30 minutes to become comfortable with it. It is very intuitive even for someone who has just basic knowledge of scoring models development.
Kirill Nortenko, Finance Professional, Ukraine.

The market research has shown that in Russia many banks develop credit scoring software on their own, while the models are developed in Microsoft Excel or statistical software packages. Therefore, the market is not rich. Plug& Score had a better description on the web site: the description of system components, examples of user interface. This allowed concluding that the Modeler was exactly what we wished to introduce into the learning process. We plan to apply it for the practical part of the “Bank risks” and “Retail business in a commercial bank” courses.
Sergey Gospodarchuk, Head of Laboratory of the Financial Department,
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod – National Research University, Russia.

Plug and Score is a nice looking automatic score tool and have lots of automated reports for evaluation and documentation. I also liked the automatic scaling and weighting of biased samples.
Mats Lagerqvist, Risk Manager, Nordax Finans, Sweden

As a matter of fact I appreciate the product very much. It is very simple to use and you do not need so much understanding in credit scoring.
Luís Ribeiro Chorão, Director Análise Controlo Riscos, Banco BPI, Portugal
The program looks very easy to use and it sufficiently addresses our needs.
Roksan Kaspi, Chief Analyst, LBT Varlık Yönetim, Turkey

Plug&Score is very intelligent.
Qian He, Pacific Credit Card Center of Bank of Communication, Hong Kong

Thank you so much, your support has been stellar.
Nathan C. Hansen, Intenigma, Inc. USA

It is a friendly and easy to implement software for the development of a scoring system that is used by managers who have very limited experience in the scoring world and scorecard development.
Dr. Uzi Mor, CEO, Cottlab, Israel

The software is excellent.
Randeep Singh, Aston, UK

It’s an instrument easy to understand and to use. Also you can make your own scorecards and you can export the results to be explained. It’s not difficult to load the source file and to generate all the graphics that you need. The user interface is well organized to find the menu of application in a very easy way. If you want to learn in a few days how to make a scorecard you may choose Plug&Score.
Irina Ionita, Lecturer, UPG Ploiesti, Romania

Plug&Score is a very efficient and effective system. As a first time user I found it easy to use, and with the assistance of your team I was also able to navigate through it.
Martin Gikera, Samchi Credit, Kenya

The system is user friendly, efficient and is flexible to support our growth since its delivery in April 2011.
Venancio Ngunga, KixiCrédito, Luanda, Angola

Plug&Score Modeler, ha sido una herramienta que a permitido al personal de labcollections y en especial a nuestros clientes comprender las variables claves en el proceso de estimación de resultados. Los numerosos proyectos desarrollados en toda latinoamerica y en distintos escenarios nos han dado a comprender como factores fundamentales, la simplicidad para el proceso de análisis, la segmentación de variables y la elaboración de score en forma dinámica. Han permitido introducir conceptos y una dinámica de estudio al interior de las organizaciones. Plug&Score Modeler es una herramienta altamente recomendable y un excelente instrumento para las empresas en su proceso de elaboración de Score.
Daniel Olivares, Labcollections, Chile