Need some help to better understand credit scoring, scorecard development and scoring-based decision management?

Get introductory or advanced training courses based on international best practice concepts which are reinforced with practical case studies and exercises.

If you need to focus on specific aspects of the scoring application and process, we can prepare customized training sessions based on your requirements.

Whether you are a Risk Executive, Credit Officer or Predictive Analyst, you will get exactly the information you need to achieve your goals.

We offer four different training programs:

  1. 2 hoursScoring and Scorecards. Major Principles and Guidelines.
  2. 8 hoursCredit Scorecard Development, Implementation and Monitoring.
  3. 3 daysImproving your Scorecards with Advanced Scoring Techniques.
  4. 1-14 daysCustom Training

Please choose the training program most suited to your individual needs. Or, if you are not sure what program to choose, please fill out the form below and we can help you to understand which course will best suit your objectives.

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