Why is Plug&Score different?

Unlike with Excel-based manual score calculations,

You will not get a headache trying to combine your data into one source for analysis or statistical scorecard creation.You will not share your scoring algorithms with every credit inspector; thus reducing internal fraud, human errors and applicant’s data “improvements”.With Plug&Score you will save up to 30% of your time due to automation and secured business processes.With Plug&Score, even junior staff will get the same results much faster and easier. Senior analysts will have much more time to concentrate on high-value borrowers and/or special cases.

Unlike with tools designed by big credit bureaus,

You will not have to spend valuable resources on an expensive system made in the 1990’s containing a cumbersome interface and a big number of dialog boxes with extensive parameterization.

This approach was right in the past when databases, web technologies and data processing systems were much weaker than they are now.

This type of software was right for incredibly large, versatile, and national-level credit institutions. It is created for highly sophisticated types of analyses to develop sophisticated multi-layer decision flows and multiple credit strategies with hundreds of rules by highly experienced analysts with deep backgrounds in business rules management and predictive modeling.

Unlike having a scorecard hard-coded into your loan origination or CRM system,

You will not have headaches dealing with scorecard maintenance or long time-to-market update processes for new programming and bug fixes. With Plug&Score you can easily update your scorecards to adjust for changed market conditions or a new customer base.

You will not need separate reporting software and scorecard report configurations or manual preparation of input data for different scoring efficiency reports.

Our customers report they save up to 90% of their time which was previously devoted to scorecard maintenance and performance analysis. Plug & Score makes it possible because you will have every feature prepared for easy scorecard maintenance; pre-defined and with carefully crafted visualized results.


With Plug&Score it’s different, exactly because:

  • YOU GET it up and running within weeks
  • YOU GET an extremely easy-to-use scoring system
  • YOU GET a tool created by scoring experts for small and medium size credit organizations
  • YOU GET exactly what you need for accurate real-time scoring (and only for scoring) without obsolete hard-to-learn features
  • YOU GET attentive and fast support
  • YOU TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and do not pay for the huge marketing budgets and overhead costs of the software vendor
  • YOU ARE PROTECTED from outdated software with outdated scoring approaches
  • YOU DO NOT OVERPAY for the logo of an old brand
  • YOU DO NOT NEED long training cycles
  • YOU ARE NOT DOOMED to endlessly use near extinct programming languages to configure processes, behaviors, and reports you need

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